Aashna Shroff: India's First Instagram Crorepati

Started from a Facebook store to creating her own brand name. Read on to know her story.

Aashna Shroff shopping

Aashna Shroff, whose name itself is synonymous to fashion and all things beauty, is a 25-year-old social media influencer. She started off with an online store on Facebook in November 2013 and then slowly ventured into blogging and YouTubing. Her blog called 'The Snob Journal' is an amalgamation of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel. She started her Instagram with fashion posts which gained a steady following. What started as a hobby has now become her magical path to fortune as she is India’s first Instagram crorepati. She has garnered over 515 k followers on Instagram and in an interview with BeerBiceps, revealed that apart from YouTube, she is making a whopping Rs. 5-10 lakhs per month just from her Instagram posts.

While talking about how the whole brand deals and promotions work, she reveals that brands get in touch with her and if the brand resonates with her, she agrees to collaborate and charges for it accordingly. Apart from that, she also earns from YouTube advertisements and sponsored videos. She also receives PR packages and goodies from various brands everyday.

Her Passion for Fashion

Aashna Shroff

In her YouTube video, she goes back to days when she wanted to pursue her higher studies but her mom was adamant on making her work towards her passion and that’s how she slowly became a full-time fashion and beauty blogger. She recalls how she was never academically inclined and was never really interested in a nine to five job.

Over time she says she pursued photography, interior designing and also worked as a preschool teacher but no matter what, she tried her hands on her passion and true calling that always was fashion.

She has also done a short course in Fashion Business in UK but she believes that you don’t necessarily have to have a degree to succeed in life, you just need to find your passion and work hard towards achieving it.

Being a social media star is bound to have its negative sides too, like dealing with hate. She explained that she is open to criticism and feedback and in fact, it helps her grow but what she is not okay with is being body shamed and the unnecessary name calling. The 25-year-old says that the best way to deal with hate is to ignore it and not let it affect you.

She is a role model for the youth today in the most real sense as she has succeeded in holding her ground no matter what the circumstances. She stuck by her passion and took risks which eventually bore her the fruits in the magnitude that she never even imagined.

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