5 Things To Do With Kids This Summer

Confused on how to keep kids occupied and have fun at the same time? Read on to find out how.

With the summer heat at its peak, it is spoiling all the summer fun for kids. Parents must be confused about how to keep their kids occupied yet away from all that summer sun. Here are some productive ideas to keep them occupied and have fun at the same time.

1. Bake and make

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It's always good to start with food. You could take the help of your kids and bake cookies with them. Help them cut it into their favourite shapes and their favourite frosting. Let's face it, cookies are something to live by and if made by them, they'd only love it more.

2. Water fun

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No, we don't mean water parks and its impossible to take them to water parks every day of their holiday. An hour of swimming classes will go a long way. This is one foolproof way of giving the kids their water time and also kill time.

3. Storytime

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When grandparents run out of stories, books come into the picture. You could read out the same stories your kids have watched in movies. That way they are curious to find out the differences in the book and the movie. It improves analytical skills and will also help them picture scenes.

4. Dance off

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There's no way kids would be able to stay at one place and it's only fair to put that energy to good use. So, put on those high beats and let them sweat it off. It's not only going to keep them occupied but will also give you some free time and will keep them fit. Along with that, it will help increase their appetite as it is an energy consuming task.

5. A walk to remember

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It's always good to take kids to a park for an early morning or an evening walk. It installs early waking habits in the kids and who doesn't like some fresh oxygen? It also gives them time to mingle with their friends or just play. 

So, go ahead try these with your kids to keep them busy for a month. The effort is worth the smiles you see on their faces.

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