5 Inspiring Ted Talks To Make You Love Yourself More

They truly are inspiring!

There are times when you feel the lowest and hate yourself. Those are the times when you desperately need some wisdom to bring you out of that state. It just so happens, more often than not, that there's no one to talk to or no one who'd hear you out. For those alone times when you need someone, there are ted talks for every difficult situation that you're going through. Here we list out 5 among all those amazingly inspiring stories you would love to hear.

1. Ashley Graham- Plus size? More like my size

Let's start with self-love. Ashley Graham, a plus-size model shares her story with new definitions of beauty and her struggle to achieve self-love. She herself went through the times where she hated herself in the mirror but overcame that and now she is a body positive activist.

2. Bhuvan Bham- Stand-alone to stand apart

This Youtube comedian defines new means of success with the light-hearted speech of keeping yourself grounded even after achieving great heights. He also talks about the anxiety that comes with success. He, in his speech, tells us the story of how it was tough for the society to accept what he was doing including his parents and it's always hard to do something new. It truly is an eye-opener for the new generation with brilliant ideas.

3. Lakshmi Agarwal- He threw acid on my face, not on my dreams

An acid attack survivor, Lakshmi is the true example of fighting back, no matter what. She was 16 when she was attacked and later, her father died and even after all this, she built her life again. She not only overcame the taunts of society, but she fought her fear of losing and accepting what was given to her. She believes in writing her own destiny.

4. Zara Noor Abbas- Power of single decision

Pakistani actress, Zara Noor Abbas is one example of learning from wrong decisions. She embraces the fact that she was wrong in marrying for the wrong purposes and the reasons for its divorce. She, in her speech, points out the fact that the values which are inculcated in a child shape their future; that the responsibility and its feeling should come from childhood and not imposed when they grow up. She also says that chasing your dream is that one thing you could gift yourself.

5. Brené Brown- The power of vulnerability

Researcher-storyteller Brené will make you laugh and it's just the thing you need to see when you feel low as she will give you one strong dose of reality and self-love for you to be high on. The courage to accept your vulnerability and loving your flaws and imperfections are somethings that she discusses in her speech. It is just the right thing to watch for people who struggle to accept themselves.

So if you think you are low on self-esteem, worry not, we are here for you with the perfect blend of self-love and inspiration you would need.

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