4 Things From Indian Daily Soaps That Prove Unlike Us, Our 'TV' Is Still Primitive!

The mirror of India's hypocrisy is its television.

If something represents a country in these modern times, its the country's media. And as much as India's media seems to have evolved in different areas, there's one place where India still needs to wake up and see what's wrong with it - it's television, particularly the daily soaps. It's very common for Indian audience to see a 'damsel in distress' waiting for someone to help her out. The clock strikes 7 in the evening and most of the Indian population tunes in religiously to watch the dramatic drama of a household.

From distressing drama to illogical circumstances, Indian television has got it all. And just when we think there might be a little progress with shows like 'Satyamev Jayate', we realise that it's all about TRPs. India is notorious for its nosy aunties and Indian television has promoted these nosy aunties to such an extent that they've become stereotyped.

1. Saas-Bahu Saga

Source: Tenor

The age-old saas-bahu drama may be pretty common, but dare I say, it's out of date for us millennials. But Indian television seems to be the same since God-knows how long. We see women perched in front of the TV waiting eagerly to comment on how the saas tortured her bahu or the bahu conspired against her saas.

2. Never-Ending Weddings

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In ancient India, it was common to see Kings marry multiple women and now even that has changed but somehow the lead actors and actresses in our T.V series end up marrying multiple times for some reason. This could be some kind of sick joke we Indians still like to watch.

3. Stereotyping Women

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A woman falls and the hero somehow appears from the smoke with his hand held out for his heroine, and there we go, a new love story blooms. Either the daily soap thinks that women need a hand to stand up or they are pretty much stoned that they imagine a human appearing from the smoke. Well, it defies science.

4. Dragging it

Source: Tenor

They say, "Everything that has a beginning, has an ending" but they never knew a thing about Indian daily soaps. We Indian kids can calculate our age with these serials. We know how old we are by simply knowing how old the serials are. People on the other side of the screen (human side) tend to die but the ones on the TV, supernaturally, never age. Daily soaps, here in India, are the nothing but decades worth of miserable entertainment.

Maybe now, it's time Indian television industry changes, be a little relevant to the present time, if not progressive for the future. Maybe it's time for us to wake up and see that how much ever modern we get, our 'TV' is still primitive.

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