10 Things Hyderabadis Are Frequently Asked & Here's What They Would Like To Say

No. 8 irritates me the most!

It's nothing new and like every other state in India, Hyderabad has also been stereotyped. We get to hear hundreds of questions from outsiders which make us want to bang our heads on the wall. Want to know what those are? Read on to know and oh, the answers to it too.

1. Why do you guys always say 'baigan'?

Baigan ki meri

It's a part of our language! We use 'baigan' only when we're confident that the person next to us is worth hearing it. A very common cuss word if I may say so, but a beloved one for us Hyderabadis.

2. Do Hyderabadis live off of meat?

2 din hogaye nai khake

Nope, we don't. We also eat a lot of vegetables like any other person. We consume so much of veggies that aloo is a part of our diet and baigan is a part of our language.

3. Is chai that essential in your life?

Irani chai pinge Ji chalo

Yes, it is. It is pretty much the most important part of who we are. Discussions of extremely crucial life matters happen over chai, careers are discussed over chai and even 'weddings' are fixed over chai (Irani chai to be precise). We cannot even imagine starting our day without chai.

4. Do Hyderabadis go only to Saudi?

Hyderabad me Kuch Bhi Nai Hora

No, we don't go to Saudi alone, but other parts of the world too. Ever heard of America or Australia? Oh, Britain too! "Mera beta Saudi gaya khala" is just a phrase our elders use to describe that someone has gone abroad.

5. Do you guys just eat sleep and repeat?

Nai aatu bhai

Well, how do you think all the MNCs here work? And all those classic Hyderabadi places you wish to go? We run them according to our timings. Maybe you are too 'early' to judge, try getting used to our timings.

6. Do you Hyderabadis study just till bachelors?

Konsi class padhe miya tum?

Well duh!! More than you think and definitely more than just bachelors. For god's sake guys, we have one of the greatest universities of India and reputed institutions here. Not just for show, we happen to go there and study too.

7. Is Biryani all that you are proud of?

Hakalo isku idhar se

For starters, a diamond that the queen of England has on her crown was from our Nizam. We have a very progressive history and also, all of you coming to Hyderabad for good IT careers, being great hosts is what we're proud of. Yes, we love our biryani and why wouldn't we be proud of it? It is a part of our legacy and I think you should be proud of it too.

8. What language do you speak, Mumbai Hindi or Lukhnowi Urdu?

Bewakoof maarun

Hyderabadi! It's Hyderabadi. We have an accent and a dialect of our own and no, it's neither Hindi nor Urdu. Get over it!

9. Why are your weddings so royal and extravagant?

Une bhotich udri thi

We are from the city of Nawabs, we don't take anything less than royal. We just like to present ourselves royally. But again, not all of us have treasures to spend on a wedding. We're pretty modest.

10. You have Zinda Tilismat for everything na!

Ammi bukhar aari ji

Source: Twitter

No guys, we don't. There are hospitals that run without Zinda Tilismat and Zandu balm. And ya, Zinda Tilismat is kind of a staple at our homes but that's not something we run to whenever "anything" happens.

We are more than just Ramadan haleem and Charminar bangles. More like modern with traditional roots, you know.

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