21-year-old Boy From Kannur Becomes Millionaire, Buys BMW, Thanks To Google

An inspiring story of young Mohammad Jawad, the founder of TNM Online Solutions.

Owning a luxurious car like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi is not everyone's cup of tea. Only a few with heavy bank balance can afford to ride them. In the remarkable news, a 21-year-old boy from Kannur, Kerala has not only managed to purchase a BMW but also is leading his firm with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 2 Crore.

Meet ‘Mohammad Jawad TN’ who has an inspiring story to tell about how he became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India to have clients from 18 countries including the USA, Dubai, South Africa and many more. He is the Managing Director of an IT Solutions and e-Commerce company named ‘TNM Online Solutions,’ which deals with web designing and application development contracts.

Source: The Better India

Jawad was only ten years old when his father bought him a computer with internet connection. While trying to create his first GMail account, the user ID from his full name was unavailable, and Google suggested him the title ‘TNM Jawad.’ The name got stuck to him from there. In an interview, he said, “When I look back, that Google suggestion was the beginning of everything good in my life. And after that, I got addicted to computer and the internet in a good way. I always wondered how the websites are created.” During the initial period of his passion towards web designing, he designed a few blogs with the help of free tutorials on the internet. By the time he was in the tenth standard, he had developed and released a full-scale website with the help of his friend, Srirag. “We did not have enough pocket money back then to purchase a dot-com domain, so we made the website from a free domain,” he said.

Source: The Better India

The first domain name he registered was ‘TNM Online Solutions’ and ran the company virtually. Oblivious to the market value, he charged only Rs. 1000 for his first website design project. In the meanwhile, his father lost his Dubai based bank job and came back to Kerala. Despite the poor financial conditions, his father invested Rs. 1 Lakh to his son's business idea. Soon the boy realised that his knowledge of web development needs to be enhanced and hence he joined a small IT coaching academy in the town. Impressed by his business idea, two of his teachers, Jibin and Dinil agreed to work for him as salaried employees. The young entrepreneur was more than happy and started dedicating extra time to the company after his school hours. He would work on the business model and talk to his clients till late midnights. He used Google's product, Orkut, for social media marketing and reached many clients.  Giving rigorous efforts for two years, he had worked with more than 100 clients within the state.

Source: The Better India

Today, he has a  client base in 18 countries, including Dubai. Recently he purchased his new BMW 3-series sedan and cites all the credit to the day Google decided his fate. This story tells us that inspiration is hidden everywhere and in everything. One needs to have an open eye to identify it.

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