Here's How To Book Movie Tickets Via A Simple Google Search!

With this newly added feature, booking movie tickets just got simpler!

Google has answers to all our queries and is a great help to everyone at all times. When it comes to the movies, Google has helped us out with reviews, ratings, and other details regarding the cinemas in town. Until now, purchasing movie tickets involved booking through dedicated platforms like the BookMyShow, INOX, PVR cinemas or through Paytm.

But what if we say, a mere Google search can now let you book movie tickets?

Movie tickets


Yes, Google has quietly added a feature that now lets users book tickets from within the search. And we are sure with this feature, the whole process of booking tickets is going to be really simple for everybody. As per the reports by Inc42, this new feature is available on both Google search and Google Assistant. Also, this feature can be accessed both from both iOS and Android devices.  

The leading booking platforms like BookMyShow, INOX and Paytm have partnered with Google. There is no need of downloading any movie booking apps anymore and just a search will let you book your movie tickets.

How to book via Google search?

1. Users need to simply search for 'movies' on Google. The search will give all the movies currently being played around in the form of graph cards.

2. The cards will also give the details of the cinema halls and the show timings. Users can also filter out the timings, language and the likes for a more customized result.


3. The users can then pick the movie of choice according to the timings.

4. Depending on the show picked, users will be redirected to the booking pages of Paytm, Inox or BookMyShow, where the payment process can be completed.


  1. According to the reports, though available on phones, the web version of Google search is missing out on some of the functionalities.
  2. Incidentally, PVR Cinemas have not partnered with Google for this as yet and hence would not lead the users to its booking page directly.
  3. Users have no option to choose a booking platform. The choice will automatically be made by Google.

Though there are minor glitches, this is something new and easy for everyone to try their hands at! 

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