BJP Plans To Increase Members & All You Need To Do Is Give A Missed Call

The motive is to increase the number of BJP members from 11 crores to 20 crores.

Under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan, BJP had been running a membership drive or 'Sangathan Parv'. On 6th July 2019, PM Narendra Modi initiated this drive in Varanasi through which one needs to give a mere missed call to become a member of BJP. Party’s vice-president Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the party has set a target of adding a minimum of 20 per cent more workers during the membership drive, which will end on 11th August.

The drive also encouraged tree plantation, Swachh Bharat and water conservation in villages and cities across India. During the UP drive, mega plantation took place where Narendra Modi handed over plant saplings to children at a government primary school in Harahua. The prime minister also planted saplings at a ground named Anand Kanan Nakshatra Vatika and tweeted,

'The drive will further connect people from all walks of life with the BJP family. It will strengthen our party.'

The focus of this drive was on the youth of the country. On this very day, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh initiated this drive in Telangana and Rajasthan respectively.

Who all recently joined the party under this membership drive?

Source: Jagran

  • On 7th July, through the same drive, Haryanvi singer and dancer, Sapna Choudhary joined BJP. Choudhary had been active in the voting campaigns for BJP MP Manoj Tiwari. Choudhary said,

"There was no need to think twice. I was highly impressed by BJP's work. BJP is a great party and I have taken its membership."

  • On 9th July, under this same drive, 30 youth hailing from different fields have become a member of BJP. Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) National President Poonam Mahajan inaugurated as well as addressed the whole membership ceremony.
  • Among all these, a very special 29-year-old Disha has become a member of BJP. Disha, who has down syndrome, has represented India at Asia Pacific Special Olympics and has won two bronze medals in swimming in 2013 and a silver in 2015.

The motive of this drive is to increase the total number of BJP members from 11 crores to 20 crores. Mahajan said, 

"The Membership Drive which is started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji on 6th July. The way people have shower lover towards BJP, The people not only want to vote BJP but also want to become a member of it." 

She further added, 

"On Sunday Yuva Morcha had a meeting on this Membership campaign. So we took a challenge because 60 percent of our population consists of Youth. So we want 60 percent will be youth membership in our Campaign."

Source: Jagran

PM Narendra Modi has set out clear motives of this membership drive,

"Today we have emerged as a big party in the north-eastern states and southern region also...we should now aim to reach where we have no or little presence."

But what is the real purpose of these drives?

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