PM Modi's First Press Conference: Many Questions Asked, NONE Answered

If politics was a game of 'dodge ball', Modiji would be the Gold Medalist.

17th May 2019 would be considered a historic day for India as the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally held their first press conference, after close to 5 years of being in service.

Generally, the term ‘press conference’ means an individual addressing journalists and then answering their questions.

But Modiji does things differently, like always, breaking the pattern. He conducted the press-conference and he also addressed the media BUT he did not answer a single question.

Source: india today

The press conference was held at the BJP headquarters, Delhi where Modiji accompanied party president Amit Shah as he answered all the questions. 

In a conference that lasted for fifty minutes to one hour, the duo talked about their ‘achievements’ from the previous term for close to 35 minutes and then Amit Shah took a handful of questions before ending the meet.

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Three questions that were asked to the PM:

1.  The reporter asks the PM’s take on opposition parties holding talks with each other, Sonia Gandhi calling for a meeting on 23rd May, and the Chief Minister of Telangana KCR meeting other leaders.

He gracefully passed the question to Amit Shah and the BJP President answered by saying “We believe we are going to win this election, they think that there’s no groundwork left, so they are conducting drawing room meets.”

2.  The 2nd question was asked on the infamous Rafale issue, as PM had come on the dais the journalists wanted some clarification from the PM.

To which Amit Shah replied, “It is not important for the PM to answer all your questions.”

3.  “I am a disciplined soldier, and the party president is everything to us.” PM Modi replied to a reporter when she asked permission to ask a question. 

Imagine, a Prime Minister of the biggest Democracy in the world saying this and refusing to answer questions at his first ever press conference in 5 years.

Since 2014, asking questions and discussing problems with logic has become a real task for the people of the country. The people who pluck up the courage to question reality are threatened by the ‘bhakts’ with death and rape threats, sometimes they are also declared ‘anti-national’. 

From Demonetization to the Rafale deal, from GST to other promises, none of these topics have been answered nor addressed by the government.

Source: the hans

The opposition leader Rahul Gandhi called this event ‘unprecedented’ and ‘historic’. He also claimed that very few selected reporters were allowed in the PM’s conference and the rest were kept out and were not allowed to raise questions.

If all this is repeated in the next term as well, then surviving is going to be a real tough task for the ‘non-bhakt’ citizens of this country. 

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