Are you a true Lion King fan? Try answering these questions!

The ultimate Lion King trivia.

What are the names of the hyenas?

What does Timon say grubs taste like

Which area is Simba forbidden from going?

What does Hakuna Matata mean?

What kind of animal is Timon?

What does Timon think stars are?

The first major character to appear on screen is...

What are Mufasa's last words?

What did the hyenas say they'll do to Simba if he ever comes back?

Finish the lyrics "I've never seen a King of beasts with quite so..."

In which language is the beginning of 'Circle Of Life' written?

Which of these characters farted a lot?

Which animals were involved in the terrible stampede which resulted in Mufasa's death?

What does 'Simba' mean in Swahili?

What do the stars represent to the people of Pride Rock?

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