Heartbroken As India Exited The World Cup? Here're Some Funny Memes To Lift Up Your Spirits

The need of the hour calls for sportsmanship, not just by the eleven players, but by the entire nation.

Alas! India has lost the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup tournament, in a match against New Zealand that although started well for India, ended up with a crushing defeat. It was a blow which will definitely be hard for India to move on from.

In spite of the unparallel consistency that India showed right from the beginning of the tournament, it should just be called a day with little luck for India. With Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and K L Rahul having lost their wickets, all hopes were lost, and though India had a team with batting going down deep within, majority of the viewers opined that there was little left to see in the match with the loss of the first order batsmen.

The partnership of Ravindra Jadeja and Mahendra Singh Dhoni then acted as a much-needed reassurance for the entire country. The duo helped in getting the team anchored once again but sadly even they could not get the ship to the bank.   

Yes, India suffered a major loss, but the boys deserve nothing but warmth right now. The Indian team was never careless; there is a reason why it was on the top of the Teams ranking. The need of the hour calls for sportsmanship, not just by the eleven players, but instead by the entire nation!

Amidst all the grief that India and the entire Indian cricket fraternity is stuck with right now, one may find a little relaxation on Twitter alone, where the few hilarious memes posted by the fans post-match and while the match was ongoing perhaps has the potential of tickling your funny bones!





Hope these memes helped in getting your spirits lifted up a little with laughter!

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