World Cup 2019 semi final: Twitterati React After Aussies Get Brutalised By England

Go for it lads!

After New Zealand won the nail-biting semi-final 1 and got enlisted for the finals, the second semi-final between Australia and England has created an ambience of anticipation too. The pitch seems to be heated up and the Aussies are trying hard to defend themselves.

After winning the toss and deciding to bat first, Australia was ruthlessly bullied by the English lads. England decided to leave no stone unturned and not much later after the match started, England took three wickets. A nasty ball delivered by Jofra Archer hit Alex Carey leaving his chin bleeding.

The fierce performance and bowling skills of England shook the Aussies and Australian fans, who are now worried whether Australia can make it to the finals. Among all this brouhaha, here's how Twitterati were divided as some shared funny tweets about the match while others were emotional.

What do you think? Can Australia make it to the finals?

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