Mark Zuckerberg's Sister, Randi Zuckerberg Gets Trolled By Insensitive Indians For Her Name

Civilization has yet to dawn upon these trollers' mentality.

Mark Zuckerberg

We all enjoy having a good laugh when there is a trending troll, however, we often forget where to draw the line. We forget that our filthy words and more importantly, our filthy mentality can hurt people and make their life difficult.

India is a diverse country where you find people of different ethnicity, beliefs and culture. However, it is also home to diverse morons who have time and again amazed us and defamed India with their vulgar mindset and equally vulgar words.

Recently one such incident surfaced when people of India forgot their limits and trolled Randi Zuckerberg on Facebook. On Sunday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook and congratulated his sister Randi Zuckerberg for winning two Tony Awards for her Broadway musicals. It was a proud moment for Mark. However, a bunch of Indians totally ruined it for Mark and his sister Randi.

Minutes later after Mark's post, a few Indians trolled Randi for her name, which was definitely the most fascinating thing for these bunch of people. It's mind boggling how ridiculous these people are who waste their time and energy to berate others and exhibit their callousness.

The post by a proud brother totally lost its charm once hundreds of Indians started dumping their callous comments on Mark's post, making the comments cross 21k within a few hours. However, things got really ugly after westerners started participating and trolling Randi for her name.

Well, not every Indian is insensitive, and it was a sigh of relief to see a few of them speaking against the trollers.

However, it was already late and futile because a majority of insensitive people had already caused irreparable damage.

All picture credits: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

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