GOT: Season 8 Begins With Reunions, Revelations & A Tad Bit Of Humour

Game of Thrones 8 premiers with the characters reuniting and making a controversial revelation.

GOT: Season 8 Begins With Reunions, Revelations & A Tad Bit Of Humour

After 2 long years, fans got to reunite with the latest and final season of television's most captivating show Game of Thrones (GOT). The much-awaited show had a complete metamorphosis in terms of series credit. Season 7 had ended on a fiery note, and we were expecting it to start on the same lines. But on the contrary, the show dawned with the reunion of friends and enemies, brothers and sisters and some exes. It was a tad bit disappointing but we can get over it, given the fact that the producers are preparing the fans for the final and the ultimate war.

Episode 1 of season 8 might be a little mushy with all the reunions going on, but there is a subtle twist in the characters. As season 8 has only 6 episodes, the characters have become quite blunt and are not squandering time or shying away from baring their hearts. They are either thinking out loud, enlarging their army or forging weapons for the big war. Overall, the premiere episode has been successful in igniting curiosity and has fans guessing what's going to happen next. Here are a few moments from the latest episode of GOT which made us go gaga and aww at the same time.

1. The grand arrival

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The show opened with the grand entry of Jon Snow accompanied by the mother of Dragons, the people and gentry at Winterfell were happy and welcomed Jon Snow and the two dragons (the first that they had ever seen). However, they were not that pleased to see Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of the dragons.

2. Much awaited Reunions

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There are some emotional and gripping reunions waiting for you in the first episode. On one hand, we have Jon Snow who is more than happy to reunite with his family and can't stop doting on Arya and Bran and on the other, we have Tyrion Lannister trying to rekindle his cheerless marriage.

3. Jon tries to tame a dragon

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The first episode has a bit of humour for the viewers before things turn gruesome and dark. After reuniting with his family, Jon decides to go on a walk with Daenerys which later turns into flying with the dragons. Jon seems terrified about the idea of riding a dragon, and his reaction is point blank hilarious.

4. Major Revelation

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Quite a few significant revelations were made in the first episode. Innocent Sam got to know about the demise of his father and brother who were both slaughtered by the dragon queen in season 7. While we were still feeling sorry for Sam, he goes to make another jaw-dropping revelation about Jon's mother which may change the entire course of the quest for the throne.

5. Message From the White Walkers

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While everybody is busy reuniting with their friends, the White Walkers are marching towards Winterfell. Also, they surprised us with their sudden interest in arts by sending an artistic masterpiece to the men in Umber, which gestures towards their arrival.

The first episode was quite entertaining, however, there is still one reunion pending. The episode ends with the arrival of Jaime Lannister in Winterfell where he catches the eye with his long lost enemy. With the grand revelation about Jon's lineage and Jaime's appearance, we are biting our nails and can't wait for the next episode.

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