Did Tollywood Superstar Prabhas Actually Join Instagram?

We're dying to see his first Instagram post.

Did Tollywood Superstar Prabhas Actually Join Instagram?

The Baahubali actor and Tollywood sensation who is known for his shy demeanour has finally debuted on Instagram because of fans' demand. The actor who shies away from media was recently part of a popular celebrity talk show Koffee with Karan. On the show, Prabhas admitted that he loves his fan following but is a bit gawky when it comes to interacting with them.

Source: Hindustan Times

In today's time, it is difficult to imagine a celebrity not being active on social media platforms as it is the ultimate medium for celebrities to connect and share their feelings with their fans and vice versa. But stars like Prabhas who are socially shy, try to stay away from it. 

However, Prabhas is not totally aloof from social media. He has an active Facebook account with 10 million followers, where he keeps updating about his upcoming movies and ventures. Ever since the news of Prabhas joining Instagram has made the headlines, fans have been dying to see his first Instagram post. 

Prabhas' fan following equates with his magnanimous stardom, which is why his Instagram account has over 7 lakh followers without a single post in it. We can't imagine what will be the number once the actor posts his first picture.

Source: Instagram:actorprabhas

Our joy sees no boundaries after hearing the news of Prabhas joining Instagram. However, apart from Prabhas pictures, there is something else missing from his Instagram account and that is the much coveted 'blue tick' (which means it's not verified). This, in turn, compels us to wonder if it is really Prabhas' official account or some hoax played by one of his fans. We are waiting for the superstar to reply.

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