Daenerys Targaryen Queen Of The 7 Kingdoms Turns Everything To Ashes

This episode was one of the best ones so far!

Daenerys Targaryen Queen Of The 7 Kingdoms Turns Everything To Ashes

Game of Thrones episode 5 was the most earthshaking episode in the entire history of GOT. It didn't disappoint us like the previous episodes of season 8. The episode was intense, which affected some of the significant characters leading to their unexpected deaths. From Dany going completely nuts to Arya choosing life over vengeance, here are a few things which happened in the 2nd last episode of the epic series.

1. Au revoir Lord Varys

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The episode begins with Lord Varys which obviously isn't a good sign. He is hell bent to convince everyone that Daenerys Targaryen isn't the right one to sit on the Iron Throne, which upsets Dany a great deal. She didn't hesitate to utter the magic word 'Dracarys' (Dragonfire in High Valyrian) and voila! We have a roasted Lord Varys.

2. The grieving Mother of Dragons

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The Mother of Dragons is upset and is inching towards losing her mind every second. With the death of Rhaegal and Missandei, she is sad and furious at the same time, which is not good news for Cersei, King's Landing and anybody who tries to betray her. Remember what happened to Lord Varys?!

3. Attack King's Landing

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Woohoo! The Dragon Queen is back. Dany attacks the King's Landing and burns the Iron Fleet. She burns all the 'scorpions' and the men trying to use them against her. However, Euron manages to escape and finds safety but not for long.

At first, Dany attacking King's Landing was quite satisfying, but halfway through the episode, she goes crazy and burns down everything even after the soldiers ring the bell (a sign that they have surrendered). Maybe Lord Varys was not wrong after all.

4. Hound and Arya wave goodbye

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We remember the Hound and Arya from the last episode marching towards King's Landing to take their revenge. However, with the Breaker of Chains deciding to break all hell loose in King's Landing, the Hound shows some wisdom and asks Arya to leave while there's still time and Arya being the smart girl she is, decides to choose life over vengeance.

5. Jaime and Cersei meet their fate

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Many fan theories suggested that Jaime left Winterfell to murder Cersei, but it wasn't the case. He knew that Cersei isn't safe and wanted to be with her to protect her. Jaime helped Cersei escape the wrath of Daenerys, but both of them ultimately get trapped in the dungeon with a giant dragon skull.

At last, the prophecy about Cersei comes true, and a man with a golden hand (Jaime) wraps his hand around her neck, and both of them die as the ceiling collapse on them.

Just one episode left and GOT makers gave us so much to digest. With so many deaths and Dany going crazy, we don't know what to expect in the final episode of series.

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