11 Of The World's Weirdest Handbags Ever

Ladies, would you dare to add these to your collection?

11 Of The World

I say bags and all the ladies out there reading this article have started thinking about the designer handbag kept on the display window of the mall which wasn't on sale, or the adorable tote you saw at a flea market but didn't buy because the bargain with the shopkeeper didn't go as planned.

Well ladies, I totally understand your love for handbags and how much this accessory means to you. Because my ex broke up with me for I gifted her a Kuchi when she asked for a Gucci handbag, the former being a replica of the latter. However, let's not make this article about my personal life, or it will go on and on.

Brace yourself, cause I have curated some of the weirdest handbags, which apart from being weird, has a potential solution for some of your problems. Would you dare to add one of these to your collection?

1. Get one of these and trust me your money will never go missing

Source: Instagram:LADbible

2. Miss playing music on your boombox? Well, now you can at least carry one of these boombox handbags and miss it a little less

Source: eBay/Amazon

3. Say goodbye to all your eve teasing and stalker problems with this spooky head bag

Source: oxot

4. You never have to face a stuck zipper again

Source: Дизайн квартир и красивые фото

5. We all love to show off a little sometimes. With this one, you won't only turn heads for the bag but also all the products inside it

Source: Daraz/eBay

6. Boot Handbag can be quite handy. You can carry all your essentials and use it to smack anyone who's bothering you

Source: Альтер Эго

7. Your boyfriend will never say no for this one (that is if he's a Rugby fan)

Source: Pinto Ranch/Pinterest

8. This Map Handbag will definitely come handy when you have trouble navigating


9. Use this one when you have trouble deciding. Just roll it, and voila all your confusions come to an end

Source: Дизайн квартир и красивые фото

10. There's finally a bag for all the tech-savvy ladies out there

Source: pocket-lint/Reddit

11. You can now show your love for vintage telephone with this quirky telephone inspired handbag

Source: AliExpress/SpringNoir

Well, what are the odds that my ex will come back to me if I get her one of these? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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