Fans Freak Out On Twitter After Learning It's Time To Say Goodbye To FRIENDS On Netflix

So no one told you life was gonna be this way!

Have you ever felt the need to legit start crying suddenly when you hear a news that breaks your heart? Yes, the same feelings that Ross had when he had to bid goodbye to Marcel, the furry little baby monkey? 

Goodbyes are the hardest. And when it's a dear old friend leaving after a long hearty time together. It's heart-wrenching! Isn't it? 

On that gloomy note, Netflix announced dropping off the very beloved series and television show from its platform on July 09, 2019. Netflix announced in a tweet that FRIENDS would no longer be streamed on the platform from 2020. 

And fans all over the social media, are in a frenzy! 

Source: Twitter: Netflix US

"The One Where We Have To Say Goodbye," Netflix tweeted, apologising that the famous television show will no longer be present on the platform. We bet they are feeling as bad as we are. 

There had previously been multiple rumours of FRIENDS discontinuing on Netflix. It was reported that the company paid $100 million to keep the rights to air the television series last year. The show will now be streamed on HBO Max; which is a new streaming service by WarnerMedia. 

Fans of the series aren't feeling good about it, and there have been several tweets ruling the internet, asking the streaming service to not let the gang go so soon. 

Derek Peth tweeted showing how he'll miss the show using the good old, "We were on a break," GIF.

Source: Twitter: Derek Peth

There were several other tweets and jokes where people took all their chances to let Netflix know, they are going to cancel their subscription.

Not just FRIENDS, Netflix is even reported to part ways with another renowned series "The Office" by 2021 and fans aren't pleased about it, too! 

Meanwhile, Stranger Things on Netflix looking at all the buzzing shows leave one by one. 

Source: Tenor

The sitcom FRIENDS, however, will be available for the rest of the year on Netflix. At least not until Netflix announces the date as they have not yet marked a date. 

FRIENDS will be streamed on HBO Max from 2020, a streaming venture by WarnerMedia. It cost them $425 million to house the show.

Nevertheless, we are sure you also think that Netflix and HBO Max need to go into the Chandler box and do some thinking for the crime they have just committed. 

No one likes "The Empty Apartment!"

Do you? 

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