5 Easy To Follow Beauty Regimes For Flawless Skin This Summer

Forget your daily off the shelf creams.

Summer is the season when all of us run for sunscreens and umbrellas, trying everything possible for our skin to stay fresh and glowing. We all love supple skin, which is hydrated and moisturised. Not to forget, a glowing skin. But the summer sun is harsh and it burns the skin. 

If you are one of those people who love to take care of their skin religiously, then this is the right place for you. We have here, remedies and ways that will help you fight those terrible skin issues, right in the house. 

We shall not call these home remedies, but tricks that have been known over the world now. We bet you never knew about these!

1. Rice Water just like the Asians

Source: youtube

It's all on the internet, the beauty and flawless skin Asians posses. There must be a secret to it, right? And the answer is rice water. Rice water is known to be packed with antioxidants that help you clean the face in the best way. It nourishes the skin, whitens and helps fight ageing. 

All that you've got to do is, soak a handful of rice in water, drain it and use the water to cleanse your face. You can also leave it on your face for 10 mins and then wash it off. 

2. Olive Oil just like the Greek

Source: youtube

You might have heard about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and their famous beauty. It is believed that olive oil has been a remedy for Greeks. According to them, olive oil is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, that help fight sun damage and photoaging. 

3. Avocado just like the Singaporeans

Source: fustany

If you are one of those people who have forever been believing that Avocados can only make guacamole, you might be wrong. Women in Singapore have been known to use avocados for their skin. Using avocados on the face helps moisturise better and nourishes it with the right nutrients. Avocados are not only rich in vitamins and antioxidants but also high in potassium and fatty acids. Hence, one of the best remedy to keep your skin well fed. 

4. Sake Bath, right from Japan

Source: soranews24

Have you seen the Japanese add rice wine to their food? If yes, then you need to know the several benefits of using rice wine apart from cooking. Rice wine aka Sake can also be used as a face polisher. Being blessed with Kojic Acid, Sake is a natural exfoliator and helps overcome dark skin.  

5. Milk & honey, just like Cleopatra

Source: boldsky.com

This beauty secret is no secret because we have seen Cleopatra VII Philopator in all her glory. Cleopatra is known for her healthy, glowing skin and the credits go to milk and honey. Cleopatra used to bathe in a mixture of milk and honey, that used to keep her skin soft, fresh and glowing. Milk helps fight dead skin cells and honey keeps the skin from allergies and acne. It's the best combination.

So, which one will you be using today? 

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