Rafale Deal: SC Gives Clean Chit To Modi Govt And Refuses To Intervene

BJP demanded Congress and Rahul Gandhi to apologise to PM Modi following Supreme Court’s judgement on the Rafale deal.

Rafale Deal: SC Gives Clean Chit To Modi Govt And Refuses To Intervene

The Supreme Court on Friday refused to intervene in the case involving the procurement of 36 Rafale jets. A three-judge bench, headed by Ranjan Gogoi, the Chief Justice of India (CJI) on Friday said, "No instance of commercial favouritism was found". “There is no occasion to doubt decision-making process in Rafale deal,” the apex court said. 

Earlier the Centre questioned the court's expertise to review the Rs. 59,000 crore deal to purchase 36 Rafale planes from a French firm Dassault Aviation. The pricing detail is one of the most controversial aspects of the deal which made the opposition parties attack the decision saying 'lack of transparency in the deal'. 

The Apex Court gave a clean chit to the Modi government and announced the verdict on the deal involving three main aspects of the deal:

1. Pricing

2. Decision-making process

3. Choice of offset partner in India. 

- SC's verdict on the pricing of the deal

* It is not the job of the court to compare the price.

* We have examined the pricing closely. Price details official responders claim better advantage.

- SC's verdict on the decision-making process

"On the decision-making process, we are satisfied. There is no occasion to set aside the contract. These are contracts for defence procurement. Broadly the process has been followed. Quality of aircraft is not in question Metre conjecture is of no use', the CJI said. 'We can't sit in judgment for going to purchase 36 aircraft or 126. Our country can't be unprepared for the fifth generation of aircraft", he added. 

- SC's verdict on offset partner

The CJI said that the Supreme Court cannot intervene in this matter. It is the duty of the vendor and the Central government to chose the offset partner. 

BJP wants Rahul Gandhi to apologise to PM Modi

Immediately after SC gave a clean chit to Narendra Modi and his government, BJP demanded that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi should apologise to PM Modi for leveling false allegations against him. BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain lashed out at Congress and said, "Every deal is not Bofors deal. It is the culture and tradition of Congress and its top leadership to mint money from such deals on the cost of the country's national security."

Source: Oneindia.com

"Once again, Rahul Gandhi's blatant lies stand exposed. Supreme Court has dismissed any probe into the Rafale Deal. The entire nation has been lied to for political mileage #SCNailsRaGaLies," Union Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted after the judgement. 

Anil Ambani welcomes SC judgement

Source: Livemint.com

Welcoming the judgement of Supreme Court, Anil Ambani said, "I welcome the judgment of the honourable Supreme Court today summarily dismissing all PILs filed on the Rafale contracts, and conclusively establishing the complete falsity of the wild, baseless and politically motivated allegations leveled against Reliance Group and me personally. We remain committed to India's national security and to make our humble contribution towards the Make in India and Skill India policies of the Government in the critical area of defence including our offset partnership agreement with our valued partner, Dassault Aviation of France." 

Congress' take on the judgement

Senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia said that the Rafale issue was not over yet. "The apex court order is not a setback as the Rafale deal is still an issue in the people's court. And the party (Congress) will continue to raise the issue in the Parliament," Scindia said while speaking to the reporters after the SC's judgement. 

Addressing the issue another senior Congress leader Anand Sharma criticized Modi's work and said, 

The Prime Minister did 3 things:

1. Cut out HAL completely, which was supposed to make 108 jets

2. Did away with the transfer of technology of the Rafale jets

3. Inflated prices more than 3 times.

BJP's take on the judgement

"Truth always triumphs! Court's judgment on the Rafale deal exposes the campaign of misinformation spearheaded by Congress President for political gains. The court didn't find anything wrong with the process nor did it find any commercial favouritism in the deal," BJP President Amit Shah tweeted with #SCNailsRaGaLies. 

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, "It was crystal clear before only. The Congress distracted everyone over Rafale. It's now cleared by the court also. We were confident before itself. We knew it was a fair deal but the Congress only distracted everyone. SC has cleared today, not there are no ifs and buts."

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