Is The Modi Wave Attracting Opposition Leaders To Join BJP Or Is It Another Operation Lotus?

Lately, many opposition leaders joined the ruling BJP after their parties faced defeat.

Is The Modi Wave Attracting Opposition Leaders To Join BJP Or Is It Another Operation Lotus?

The scenario of politics in India before and after election results is totally contradictory. Leaders who were extensively campaigning against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are now leaving their respective parties and joining BJP, which emerged victorious with a majority in Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Leaders across India join BJP

The most bitter feud during the election season was between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Ahead of the elections, Modi had already hinted that many of TMC's leaders were in touch with him and will join his party after the results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections. During an election rally in Bengal, PM Modi had said,

"When the lotus will bloom all over Bengal after May 23, Didi (Banerjee), you will see that your MLAs will also abandon you and run away. Forty of your MLAs are in touch with me even today."

Mamata Banerjee(Left) and PM Narendra Modi(Right)


Following this, as a jolt to the Bengal Chief, 3 senior MLAs and 51 councillors from All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) left the party and joined the saffron party immediately after the result. While quitting the party, they said that they were feeling suffocated and it's high time to end the violent era of TMC in Bengal.

The Telugu speaking state of Andhra Pradesh also went through a rough situation when many sitting Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MLAs and former MPs were vying to join BJP as the election result was nearing. And, it happened! 4 out of 6 Rajya Sabha MPs namely Y. Sujana Chowdhury, T. G. Venkatesh, C. M. Ramesh and Garikapati Rammohan Rao quit the party and joined BJP when TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu was on a vacation.

The ongoing rift between Congress- Janata Dal (Secular) alliance in the state of Karnataka witnessed a severe crisis after the resignation of their leaders. On 1st July Gokak MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi and Congress MLA from Vijayanagar Anand Singh submitted their resignations and are set to join the ruling party. The senior leaders of Karnataka also predict many resignations in the coming days.

Anand Singh(left) and Ramesh Jarkiholi(Right)


Operation Lotus

Congress uses the term 'Operation Lotus' to refer to Bhartiya Janata Party's purported attempts to attract the opposition legislators by paying some amount and inducing them to join their party. Operation Lotus got its name under BS Yeddyurappa's reign in 2008.

Why are opposition leaders joining BJP?

In the aftermath of the leaders joining BJP, Mamata Banerjee criticised Modi and his counterparts for gun pointing the leaders of her party and blackmailing them to join BJP. 

Is Operation Lotus re-occurring in the country? Are they trying to lure opposition leaders and legislatures to join the saffron party by paying ransoms and ensuring stability? Or are the leaders quitting because of the rough sailing of their parties? The legitimate answer to these questions is still unclear. 

In either of the cases, will BJP manage to live up to the promises it made to them?

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